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Emblem Portfolios
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New Emblem video kick-starts the conversation!

Our new Emblem GIF video makes it easy to engage with clients and prospects.

A Better Portfolio

In this 2015 Roadshow video, Scott Pountney discusses 4 key concepts to consider when building better portfolios for your clients.

For Advisor Use
Emblem GIF Portfolios
Segregated Funds
Emblem Portfolios
Mutual Funds
Emblem materials list

Use this list to discover the Emblem support materials available.

5 Reasons to recommend Emblem GIF Portfolios

Use the Emblem Advisor Brochure to learn about the benefits and features of Emblem GIF Portfolios.

Discover the Emblem Difference

The market is constantly changing and your clients expect their investments to respond. The Emblem Oversight Team delivers! The Oversight Team Process Brochure offers an in-depth look at how the portfolios are managed.

Emblem GIF Investing Art and Science Pocketbook

Emblem GIF makes investing pop! Bring the art and science of investing to your practice with Emblem GIF Portfolios.

Looking for a fixed income alternative?

Use the Emblem Diversified Income Portfolio Flyer as a sales strategy with conservative clients looking for income and some growth potential.

Ad mat

Introduce Emblem and yourself in local newspapers with this customizable ad mat. Speak to your Empire Life Investments sales team for more information.

For Client Use
Emblem GIF Portfolios
Segregated Funds
Emblem Portfolios
Mutual Funds
Start a meaningful conversation!

Share the video with email templates.

Emblem Oversight Team Interview

Emblem Portfolios strive to provide the best of both worlds to investors — strong downside protection and upside performance. Read the interview to discover how the Emblem Oversight Team manages the portfolios.

Help clients simplify and diversify their portfolio in one decision

Introduce clients to the benefits of Emblem with the Emblem Flyer.

Start with the questionnaire to discover how Emblem brings together the art and science of investing

The Investor Profile Questionnaire is simple to use and helps guide clients to a potential portfolio based on time horizon, risk tolerance and investment goals.

Use the online tool

The Investor Profile Questionnaire is also available online. The recommendation can be printed as an Investment Policy Statement for you and your client to sign.

Keep up to date with tactical changes to the Portfolios

The Asset Allocation Update informs you of tactical changes the Emblem Oversight Team has made to the Portfolios.

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