Investing is more than a science...

Discover how Emblem brings together the art and science of investing.

Emblem is a simple and easy investment solution that can help you stay true to your investment goals.

Most portfolio programs are crafted using well-known scientific investment principles. Emblem goes a step further by also incorporating the art of investing by delivering:

  1. Tactical asset management – portfolios are responsive to changing market conditions
  2. Downside protection – value-oriented, disciplined investment approach to help preserve wealth
  3. Transparency – invests directly in securities so you can see what you’re invested in

Choose from Emblem Portfolios1 (a mutual fund program) or Emblem GIF Portfolios2 (a segregated fund program), depending on your needs.

Find out how Emblem Portfolios and Emblem GIF Portfolios can work for you!

1 Mutual Funds offered by Empire Life Investments Inc.
2 Policies issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company