Emblem Oversight Team

The market is constantly changing and you expect your investments to respond. The Emblem Oversight Team delivers!

The Emblem Oversight Team actively monitors market conditions, making adjustments to take advantage of short-term market opportunities and help protect during market downturns.

Whenever a change is made, an asset allocation update is published explaining the rationale — the team is committed to keeping you informed!

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On-going monitoring

In addition to asset allocation decisions, the Emblem Oversight Team provides on-going monitoring of the product structure, risk management and competitive developments to maintain product integrity.

Bottom-up (Long-term focus)

A thorough analysis of fundamentals and valuation is part of a bottom-up approach that drives not only security selection but also drives our long-term investment focus. These are the biggest factors in the construction of our portfolios, providing the foundation of our money management approach.

Top-down (Short-term tactical focus)

The greatest impact on short-term market movements tend to come from macro and investor sentiment factors, which are more top-down in nature. An assessment of these factors is usually the driver for short-term tactical asset allocation decisions.

History of Tactical Calls

The Emblem Oversight Team monitors market conditions and adjusts the Portfolios so you don’t have to!

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